January 4, 2024

Breaking Boundaries in the finance industry

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Finance has always held a certain allure for me, since my father’s firm, a Financial Services and General Insurance Brokerage, showed me the profound impact sound financial advice can have on individuals and businesses.
Inspired by his achievements and bolstered by my own fervor for finance, I pursued a career in this exciting field.

Working at my father’s brokerage after college propelled not only my professional growth but reinforced my love for the finance industry. However, the corporate financial landscape presented its fair share of challenges, especially being a young woman navigating this male-dominated arena. Meeting the demands of proving my credibility, building a strong network, and establishing my own business came with its fair share of obstacles.

Victoria Healthcare, today, is a dynamic Private Medical Insurance (PMI) brokerage and was born from my decade-long industry expertise and personal allegiance to the cause. The company’s success serves as a testament to my commitment to breaking boundaries in the finance industry and pushing for better healthcare options, guided by the principle of total care for clients.

The future seems to hold unlimited possibilities for the finance industry, and I look forward to continuing my journey, building on the foundation I have worked so hard to create. With the willingness to learn and adapt, and an unwavering belief in oneself, I truly believe we can all create a powerful presence in the exciting world of finance and professional services.

Looking ahead and anticipating the PMI sector’s imminent challenges reinforces the importance of having competent PMI brokers bridging the gap between insurance providers and consumers. In the often-complex world of private medical insurance, the value of a competent broker cannot be overstated. These professionals provide a human-centric approach, putting the client’s needs and care at the center of all considerations. Unlike impersonal insurance platforms, brokers offer personalised guidance and have a comprehensive understanding of the industry. They are instrumental in simplifying the intricacies of policy selections and claims processing, ensuring clients have accurate knowledge of what their policies entail.

Brokers advocate for their clients, providing support and advice during serious health issues or disputes with insurance providers. By forming a bridge between the consumer and the insurance providers, brokers play a crucial role in delivering high-quality healthcare solutions in the PMI sector, making health care management an easier, more understandable process for clients. It’s a hugely fulfilling role that comes with a significant level of responsibility.

As we approach a future filled with innovative possibilities, the PMI sector needs to stride forward matching step with the rapidly changing consumer demands. The very perspective of healthcare is evolving at an accelerated pace and by 2024, we anticipate a shift from predominantly illness treatment to a more holistic approach to wellbeing. This reorientation necessitates the inclusion of a wider umbrella of physical and mental health support services.

The modern customers’ expectations are being shaped by a society progressing towards immediacy and convenience. Keeping these trends in mind, readily accessible ‘GP in the pocket’ services and preventative health screenings, designed to detect health issues at their budding stages, are increasingly becoming necessities rather than surplus. These changes underscore the demand for a truly wholesome healthcare solution that goes beyond the traditional remit of health insurance.

PMI brokers play a crucial role here by helping clients navigate these changes. The requirement for brokers to remain receptive to shifts in the industry, constantly molding their practices and staying attuned to new developments, has never been more crucial. By constantly modernising their approach and services, they continue to add immense value for their clients, making them an indispensable part of the PMI sector.

For women, seeking to find their niche in the market, mentorship has played a significant role in my career evolution, with colleagues providing robust support, insightful advice, and invaluable encouragement. Their contributions led me to join a women’s networking group, which despite spanning different industries, provided a communal platform for shared growth, mutual support, and co-learning.

A critical piece of advice for women seeking mentors in finance is to freely, passionately chase the curiosity inspired by potential mentors. Embracing mentorship as a transformative tool, and a solid stepping-stone to future success should be encouraged; it forms the bedrock of personal and professional advancement.

Mentorship programs, equal opportunity practices, and flexible work schemes tailored for women, especially those juggling childcare, are key elements in fostering a diverse environment. By equipping women in finance with the necessary resources and fostering an inclusive culture, the sector can genuinely reflect the dynamism of modern professional landscapes.

For young women eager to excel in finance, maintaining career momentum requires continuous learning and evolution. Proficiency in the latest trends, strict compliance with regulations, and proficiency in novel technologies are essential. Embracing challenges strengthens your capabilities, manifests your readiness to adapt, and broadens your skills. Cultivating resilience, learning from setbacks, and remaining committed to your career goals can solidify the path to a rewarding financial career.

About Vicki Nicol, MD Victoria HealthCare Ltd:
Founded in 2015, Victoria Healthcare has rapidly doubled in size, driven by Vicki’s dedication to providing exceptional service to clients. As a young mother herself, who underwent her own personal journey to have children, she understands the challenges individuals and families face when navigating the complex healthcare landscape. This first-hand experience fuels her mission to empower her clients and ensure a human centric approach is adopted when providing  access to the best healthcare options and claims experience.

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