January 8, 2024

Victoria Healthcare: Pledges £100 Donations to The Matthew 25 Mission

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Victoria Healthcare Management Ltd Pledges £100 Donations to Eastbourne based - The Matthew 25 Mission for New January Policies

Victoria Healthcare Management, a leading independent private medical insurance broker, reaffirms its commitment to both health and community. For every new policy taken out in January, when quoting Matthew 25, the company aims to make a difference in the lives of people facing adversity by donating £100 to Eastbourne based The Matthew 25 Mission.

The Matthew 25 Mission, an established charity, provides essential support to individuals rebuilding their lives, particularly those grappling with addiction, loneliness, unemployment, and homelessness.

"Victoria Healthcare Management's generous pledge is an incredible lifeline to us here at The Matthew 25 Mission", comments Stjohn Van Niftrik, Director of The Matthew 25 Charity. "Their commitment to not only ensuring health security for their clients, but also actively looking to aid the most vulnerable members of our community at such a bleak time of year is commendable. This donation will enable us to provide essential services to those facing serious hardships, directly contributing to our collective mission to rebuild lives and restore hope. We couldn't be more grateful for their support and the positive ripple it creates in our work and our community".

Victoria Healthcare recognises that starting the New Year with the right health coverage can provide peace of mind for individuals and businesses alike. "We understand the significance of health, not only on an individual level but also in terms of its impact on our wider community," says Vicki Nicol, MD, Victoria Healthcare Management.

With over 30 years of experience, Victoria Healthcare offers free, unbiased advice on private healthcare. The expert local team provides personalised assistance in finding the right policy, negotiating medical plans, and handling the claim process.

Emphasising the value beyond immediate diagnoses and treatments, Victoria Healthcare can also arrange cashback on NHS and Private dental, opticians services, and access to counselling and mental health support.

To arrange a free, no-obligation consultation, please contact Victoria Healthcare Management at 01323 301270 or via email at info@victoriahm.co.uk.

About Victoria Healthcare

Victoria Healthcare Ltd provides expert medical insurance brokerage services. With a comprehensive range of insurance policies, the professional team at Victoria Healthcare advises clients based on their unique health needs. There is no fee for Victoria Healthcare’s service and their claims support is provided complimentary to their clients.