October 25, 2023

Fast-Track Breast Cancer Diagnosis with our Complimentary Claims Support Service

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Victoria Healthcare Promotes Direct Access Service for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

As Breast Cancer Awareness Month comes to a close, Victoria Healthcare, a leading specialist in Private Medical Insurance, underscores the criticality of early detection and timely diagnosis in cancer patients. It’s complimentary claims support service for all policyholders enables cancer patients, to proactively seek medical attention, bypassing the traditional route of obtaining a GP referral and minimise the risk of delays in diagnosis.

The significance of early detection in improving patient outcomes and increasing survival rates in instances can be crucial. By encouraging policyholders to utilise their direct access service, the private healthcare provider aims to expedite the diagnostic process for individuals experiencing symptoms such as a breast lump, enabling them to seek immediate attention without the need for a GP referral.

Traditionally, insurance policies require a referral from a general practitioner to initiate cancer-related claims. However, Victoria Healthcare is working diligently to educate policyholders about its claims support service, which enables individuals to phone their insurer directly and undergo triage questioning by the dedicated department. Based on the results of this assessment, policyholders can potentially be directed to meet with a consultant promptly, bypassing the need for a referral and eliminating lengthy wait times.

"It is essential for individuals to be proactive about their health, especially when facing potential cancer symptoms," said Vicki Nicol, MD of Victoria Healthcare Management Ltd. "Through the insurers direct access service, Victoria Healthcare aim to provide policyholders with a more efficient and streamlined experience, ensuring they can seek timely medical attention if they suspect they may have breast cancer or any other form of cancer."

Breast Cancer Awareness Month serves as a crucial reminder for individuals to prioritise their health, Victoria Healthcare wants policyholders to be aware of the option to bypass the referral process and receive prompt, specialised care. It actively encourages policyholders to review their insurance policies and familiarise themselves with the direct access service for cancer. By taking advantage of this service, individuals can take a proactive approach to their health and potentially detect cancer at an early stage, enhancing the chances of successful treatment.

For further information on Victoria Healthcare direct access service and its commitment to promoting timely diagnosis for cancer patients, please visit https://www.victoriahm.co.uk/ or contact the press office at parm@parmpr.com.