November 1, 2023

The Advantages of a Private Medical Insurance Broker in Navigating Through Illness

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Case Study: The Advantages of a Private Medical Insurance Broker in Navigating Through Illness

Stjohn Van Niftrik, a Sussex Electrician and Gas engineer professional and trustee of the Matthew 25 missIon caring for the most vulnerable in society, underscores the human centered approach of having a Private Medical Insurance Broker (PMI Broker) after a Gleason score 10 metastatic prostate cancer diagnosis in 2018.

In line with the Movember movement, advocating men's health awareness and early disease detection, PMI Brokers like Victoria Healthcare Ltd, play a vital part in health management.

In 2018, around his 50th birthday, Stjohn received a diagnosis of a rare form of prostate cancer, one that initially passed undetected by the NHS as his symptoms were not typical of those of a cancer patient. It was through his PMI provider where he got a second opinion that he was referred to a Urologist and received a timely diagnosis and care.

Victoria Healthcare navigated his complex medical landscape by directly registering his claim, securing an Oncologist, and guaranteeing access to a CT PET Scan the Royal Marsden. This expedited treatment trajectory stands testament to the critical role of PMI Brokers during health crises.    

Stjohn is now not showing any signs of the disease and has been clear for the last 18 months.

Stjohn states: “Men can be less likely than women to regularly check their health. There's still a stigma around discussing men’s health issues, but it's crucial we raise awareness of the importance of early disease detection.  Awareness campaigns like Movember and the human-centered service of brokers like Victoria Healthcare are crucial in challenging this status quo”.

“I would never have anticipated my PMI broker to be so instrumental in ensuring I had access to all the benefits my policy had to offer, as many like myself may think a broker simply sets up the cover and that’s it, but they actually understand all the intricacies of your policy and can help you navigate the complex systems which let you deal with the diagnosis in hand”.

Victoria Healthcare’s work shows how PMI Brokers can be instrumental during a health crisis. With an understanding of the PMI market and the services it offers, they facilitate faster treatment, choice of hospital and doctor, improved facilities, and privacy in a single or twin room, among other advantages.

Men’s health proactivity serves as Movember's guiding principle, a value shared by Victoria Healthcare. PMI policies embrace this philosophy, notably offering preventative solutions like health screenings and wellbeing checks. They can also be personalised to individual needs and financial constraints, promoting broad-based access to healthcare.

“Young men, in particular, can capitalise on this flexibility as they are more likely to have less of a medical history which could mean fewer exclusions and a wider reach of coverage, from critical illness to allowances for dental care and private GP services. Investing in PMI at a young age safeguard not just present, but future health needs”, continues Vicki Nicol.

“We aim to foster a health-conscious society that values early detection and prevention,” Decoding the complexities of PMI and tailoring it to specific necessities lies at the heart of our mission.”

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